The Midwest Aikido Center is open seven days a week and is staffed by eighteen regular instructors, including one Shihan and three USAF / Aikikai Shidoin. All instructors give freely of their time and are long-time students of Akira Tohei Shihan and the Midwest Aikido Center. The MAC also hosts several significant Shihan taught seminars throughout the year and most of our instructors travel the world to attend other important training opportunities and further their own studies. See the Class & Events Calendar for information about future events.

Arthur Wise, Rokudan Shihan

Sunday 10:00am

Walter Van Enck, Rokudan

In Memoriam

Kiyoshi Yasutake, Rokudan Shidoin

Monday 10:00am Saturday 1:00pm

Tom Kelly, Rokudan

Friday 10:00am

Jaime DeJesus, Rokudan

Monday 8:00pm

Naomi Wentworth, Rokudan Shidoin

Friday 6:30pm Saturday Saturday 9:30, 10:30am/Kid’s

Rock Lazo, Rokudan Shidoin

Thursday 6:30pm

Matt May, Godan Shidoin

Wednesday 6:30pm, 8:00pm

Cyril Landise, Godan


Victor Ancer, Godan

Thursday 10:00am

Dave Kedney, Godan

Monday 6:30pm Saturday 9:30, 10:30am/Kid’s

Ray Kohl, Yondan

Tuesday 10:00am

Wendy Kopka, Yondan

Wednesday 10:00am

Steve Kopka, Yondan

Tuesday 6:30pm

Wendy Kopka, Yondan


Guy Ponko, Sandan

Sunday 1:00pm

J. Cervantes, Sandan

Friday 8:00pm

Tony Clinard, Shodan

Saturday 9:30, 10:30am/Kid’s

Robert Kolada, Shodan

Tuesday 8:00pm

Alternate instructors:

Dimitrina Dimitrova, Nidan
Yoshie Fujiwara, Nidan
Jennifer Kane, Shodan