Membership and Classes

Dues and Payment

To maintain current membership and have access to class offerings, membership dues are required to be paid by the first of the month. Dues amounts by membership type are as follows:

Adult Member – $100

Adult Student Member – $70


You can join as an Adult Member anytime. No contracts are required. Instead, modest monthly dues allow adults to attend as many classes per month as they wish. Simply visit the dojo during any class time and a member will be happy to sign you up! If you want to begin the same day we recommend arriving 30 minutes before class giving you adequate time to fill out our membership forms, pay for the intended class program – cash, check, and credit cards are all accepted – and fit you with the correct size keiko-gi (practice uniform). You can begin your practice the same day!


The MAC currently has classes every week day. Each class is led by our team of highly trained and experienced volunteer instructors. Regular class times are listed to the left if you are are using a desktop, scroll down if you are using a phone.

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Classes are open to students of all levels. All members are encouraged to practice as often as possible, but each student determines how many times per week or month they are able to attend class. The pace of each training session, whether relaxed or more rigorous, is also determined by the individual student. All classes are open to new members, making it easy on your schedule. You may also come to as many classes as you like. Please see our calendar as class times may change occasionally due to special events.

We offer self-paced instruction for all skill levels. Beginners are partnered with experienced students and teachers, offering a one-on-one tutoring style that leads naturally to the traditional partner practice of Aikido.

The MAC is open to the public and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to observe class at any time, without appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, please stop by!

Monthly Dues

The Midwest Aikido Center is a dues-based membership organization; there are no contracts. Monthly membership dues are $100, remitted on a monthly basis. Discounts are available for students and couples/families. Additionally, after a member’s first rank promotion, there is also a $45 once-a-year fee to our national federation, the United States Aikido Federation, which applies only after a member’s first rank promotion .

We members are the dojo. Our dues keep the doors open, lights on, and everything else that allows the MAC to offer multiple classes each month. Your dues allow you to practice in any class (except Iaido classes – those interested must see Robert Kolada Sensei). Please attend as many as you wish each month. More practice, more progress!

Introductory and New Member Program

We offer all new members – beginner or experienced – a 2 months for the price of 1 month membership. Each class will find beginners partnered with experienced students and teachers, offering a one-on-one tutoring style that leads naturally to the traditional partner practice of Aikido. All classes are open to new members and you may come to as many classes as you want. New students get an introduction to Aikido fundamentals and basic body movements, building upon these fundamentals to more advanced practice. Aikido is learned at your own pace and aikido is for everyone. More details here. Join us and find out for yourself!

Child Membership

Aikido offers mental concentration, good exercise, and practical self-defense. Aikido etiquette teaches good manners and self-control, which may be useful later in life. Aikido falls instill balance and flexibility. There are no contests or tournaments, so there is no pressure to win and no one loses. Children’s Aikido does not require physical strength or any prior athletic knowledge or awareness; it only requires that one learn how to move. Aikido promotes good health, it is safe and fun. Currently we are accepting new child students if they are 8 years old or older. We also have an introductory package available with more information here. Please contact us if you have more questions.